Instead of many US companies, John Swanson choose SmartOSC to work for and being the single regular employee of SmartOSC in US. Why and Who brought him to our family, let’s read the short interview with John below to learn about him.


Full Name: John Swanson

Nationality: American

Age: 41

Hobbies: Surfing, Swimming & Playing with my Sons (Brady 9 year-old and Sam 7 year-old)



Why did you choose to work at SmartOSC?

I decided to join SmartOSC in August of 2017 after speaking with Thai Son about his goals in expanding in the US Market.

I have been familiar with SmartOSC since 2014 and have always seen the services provided as the needed resources for many agencies in the US. As I’ve worked as a Global Channel Director and Partner Manger for software companies targeting Digital/Interactive agencies and System Integrators in North America, I consistently heard about the demand for finding certified developers and resources to help them meet their clients’ needs. Seeing the need and the opportunity that Thai Son was presenting, it was a perfect match.

Up to now, I have worked at SmartOSC on a contract basis, hoping to be full-time in 2018. I work this as my full-time job putting in over 50+ hours a week.

Please say something about a working day of SmartOSC in US  

Seeing that I’m the only US employee to date, I’m working all hours of the day/night in order to communicate with Long and Thai Son as needed. When I’m not on the road visiting partners and clients, I’m typically waking up at 6:00am EST checking my emails and messages from the night before while getting my kids ready for school. After dropping them off at school, I’m into our US office by 7:30/8:00am. I’m usually connecting with Thai Son and Long in the morning hours to catch up on items I need to discuss with the team in Vietnam.

The second half of my day usually consists of me calling into partners and prospects throughout North America. I’m usually out of the office by 6pm to spend some time with the family for dinner and sport events. Then logged back in again at my home office in the evening to be available to connect with Long and Thai Son again which is the next day/morning in Vietnam.

What do you like in SmartOSC?

I love how SmartOSC is like a family. For the size of the company it’s impressive to see all the fun actives that are taking place. I do love reading the Tin Tut, I wish it was an English version so I could actually understand what is being said.  I also love how the SmartOSC team is very willing to help me with my goals and I feel I have full support in making the US office a success.

What are the differences between a Vietnamese companies, like SmartOSC and US companies? 

From the little exposure I’ve had to date, I see the Vietnamese companies as being hard working and detailed. Especially working on 2018 Sales Planning, I’m seeing much more detail and planning being put into the company and plans than what I’m used to seeing in the US Market. I feel that in the US market, people make more high-level plans and then work it as they go and are very adaptive to change as needed.

What do you think about US market and potentials for SmartOSC business? 

The US Market is continuing to grow and the need for eCommerce expertise is rising. There is already a competitive market place with many Agencies to meet their needs. Where I see a great opportunity for SmartOSC is to help support these other agencies in a “agency of the agencies” model. SmartOSC also provides direct merchants and clients with a cost effective offering to meet their needs without sacrificing the quality. The US Market has seen some bad “Outsourcing” via India based companies which have left a bad experience for clients and partners. I see this as an opportunity by providing them with a fresh new option that is truly different than what they may have experienced in the past.

What is the strength of SmartOSC compared to other competitors in US?

There are two strengths that SmartOSC provides over competitors in the US. First is the size of our development team, and the experience with many strong technology platforms. The second strength is once again the quality of service provided at a very reasonable rate compared to most others in the US.

Can you tell a memory you never forget in the time you’ve worked at SmartOSC?

In my short time with SmartOSC, I’m already starting to obtain many great memories. I really enjoyed the experience of visiting our offices in Vietnam and experiencing the culture. It is something I will never forget and already look forward to the next visit. I hope to see more of the beautiful country and some of the surrounding areas. While in the US, I’ll remember the crazy busy weeks of travel with Long visiting many cities prospecting in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City, Boston, Denver and Charleston.  We lived the sales road warrior life, living out of a suitcase and being in a different city and hotel each night.

Who is the colleague you impressed the most?

Outside of Thai Son whom we all seem to love and respect, I work daily with Long Vu. Long has done an amazing job working the US market and is the heart of the US operation. He has a good understanding of the market and is truly dedicated to seeing SmartOSC succeed. He is always available and willing to help with anything I need. As we look to grow the US office and team, Long is the model employee I look to replicate and I’m sure they will be hard to find.

John (right) and Long (left)

I’m very excited to be able to continue to work with Long in the US market and feel that we complement each other very well and have lots that we can continue to teach one another. Outside of work, it’s also been great to have Long in my home town and able to attend family events with me and my family such as Halloween and my son’s birthday party.

Thank you for this short interview. Hope in year to come you will have a good health and plain sailing.