As you may know, when joining SmartOSC, employees do not only get the opportunity to work overseas, but also take part in a lot of teambuilding activities. Moreover, you can work in a multicultural environment. So, this will explain to you what our expat employees think about SmartOSC. Please read the interview below with Connor – Content Marketing Executive, England, and James – HR assistant for the Business Enable Unit, Belgium.

How do you feel about the working environment at SmartOSC?

Connor: The working environment is very nice and welcoming. People are very open and I get along well with the team.

James: It is very relaxed, with no dress-code and an open-office space so everyone is available for a quick chat. The same can be said for the management as there are no offices separating the different departments and positions so you can seek any and all advice and get instant feedback. I really appreciate this openness.

What is the thing you like the most at SmartOSC?

Connor:  Everyone here is very kind and friendly. Also, just outside the building is a good place to buy “xoi” in the morning which puts me in a good mood.

James: Definitely the people. They are always so sharing with their culture, delicious food and attempts at teaching me Vietnamese. From the first day I felt loved as they invited me out to lunch in which the entire department goes to a restaurant to eat together. That happens every day.

Have you experienced any issues whilst working at the SmartOSC?

Connor: Communication can sometimes be an issue but it is never too much of a problem.

James: None so far. Everyone is highly amicable and understanding when you have a problem so solutions are almost immediate. They sorted out my visa issue in a way that allows me to have paid leave so I’m never penalized for taking time off in order to get back to work. It also means I get to take a lovely holiday every 3 months so absolutely no complaints there.

Why did you choose to work here?

Connor: It offered a good opportunity to use my skills and gain experience, while also learning about the e-commerce market worldwide.

James: I was offered a position that allowed me to develop a wide range of skills by working with many different departments, including sales, recruitment, communications, HR and more.

What do you hope to achieve whilst working at SmartOSC?

Connor:  I want to learn as much as I can and gain more understanding of e-commerce and CMS platforms.

James: I hope to continue the movement towards a more international environment, sharing my culture with the locals and vice-versa. This is why starting an English club at the company has been great for everyone involved.

Can you tell me your fondest memory since working here?

Connor: My best memory is eating a lot of cake with the sales team whenever it is someone’s birthday. I think it is something the whole team enjoys.

James: The moment when I pronounced the Vietnamese name “Nhat Anh” correctly for the first time. Normally I would butcher her name horrendously and everyone would laugh at both our expenses as I resorted to calling her “Nathan”, but when I got it right no one even noticed as if I had said it like a local. After I pointed it out a round of applause ensued.

Thank you, Connor and James. I hope you continue to have wonderful experiences when working at SmartOSC.