Being known as an expert in market research and development for 20 years working with big firms like Diageo and Dyson, the dear “uncle Rob” of Smartors, and a big contributor for our project with Netatmo, Mr. Robert Lewis, our Director of Europe & North Americ, the STAR of this week.

  • Horoscopes: Taurus
  • Hometown: Cardiff, Wales
  • First language: Welsh (not English 🙂 )
  • Favourite sport: skiing (usually go to Whistler in Canada), watching rugby (support London Welsh).
  • Favourite food: Hamburger & Sprite (according to TS)

Smartors’ comments:

“He’s fat, old, funny and very handsome, man. He just can stay in a same room with 1 person, more than that, he’s out.” – by ThangMV

“He is kind but aggressive, especially with SmartOSC’s competitors. A funny guy who always teases me about my inner sex” – by TS


K: Hi Robert! I know that you have travelled to many countries around the world with about 1 flight per 2 weeks. Which city or country do you like most?

R: This is a difficult question to answer because I have been to many different countries but a few of my favourites are Vietnam, Canada, Africa, Japan, USA, Wales and Italy.

I like the old part of Hanoi and the area around Hoan Kiem Lake – I usually try and walk around the lake at least once each time I visit. I went to a light show at a pagoda deep in the countryside in Lao Cai, I was the first Westerner to visit the village. Taking the ferry around the back of Halong Bay to Cat Ba Island…. seeing it from a different perspective to all the tourist boats. Seeing the Musical fountain show at the end of the day at Vinpearl – It captivates you

Robert in Bang Kok

K: Wow, now I understand why Vietnam is your key specialist area among South East Asia. So what or who bring you to SmartOSC?

R: I originally met Thai Son at an evening dinner organised by his good friend Hoan who is also a friend of mine. SmartOSC had been running for maybe 1 year at most at that time. I was asked to start helping out looking for opportunities in the UK on an ad-hoc basis,  this was around 2-3 years ago, The role expanded into Europe, and I formally joined at the end of last year.

K: How do you think about our team? Would you mind sharing some memorable moments with SmartOSC?

R: I think it is a young and very enthusiastic team. Everyone in the company is very friendly and seem to enjoy working for the company

The MOST memorable is Thai Son and Thang both buying “his and hers “pink iPhone 6S (they kept saying it was rose gold 😉 ) during our last trip to the USA. Unfortunately I’ve not been around when you’ve had your parties or company excursions. Seeing the company in its early days with very few staff members and a relatively empty office to the size it is now.

K: I’ve heard that you are going to visit Hanoi in December. Would you like to share your year-end plan with us

R: I am coming to Hanoi to visit the office in order to sort out what the plan is for 2016 and to meet up with friends I have living in Hanoi. Besides, I will be accompanying Matthew Broadway the COO of Netatmo. They are a French based technology company and one of our newest clients. Matt is looking at opportunities to launch his company’s products here in Vietnam

K: We look forward to welcoming you here. It would be great if you could join Smart Winter Olympics on December 18. Thank you very much for the interview!